Audemars Piguet Watches luxury

Blancpain (Blancpain) table was suspended from 1956 began operations 10 years ago, Omega is also far from fame boosted. Change the fate of these two brands behind the same name plays a decisive role – let – Claude Beaver.

2003 year,Audemars Piguet Watches, let – Claude Beaver decided to leave the Swatch Group, to concentrate on building a small but very special company – Geneva” Hublot . ” Hublot has finally defeated in 2010 Hermes, Bottega Venetta, etc., by the British Association of Walpole authoritative luxury luxury brand of the Year Award for Excellence.

20 mid-1990s, natural rubber, causing the concern of the world-famous watch company, which can be seen from the new watch. After three years of painstaking research, highly subversive rubber strap born, natural rubber superior performance has been very good interpretation, like a moment in contact with the skin regeneration. Two strap at the wrist sold thickness according to customer’s real-time connection to the table body, its flexibility and convenience in full compliance with customer wrist curve, unparalleled comfort.

natural rubber strap with precious materials for the characteristics, which set a precedent in the history of watchmaking, has now become a successful watch all kinds of inspiration. The Thatcher’s watch has a unique “porthole” shape, polished and polished precious metals and stylish minimalist black dial complement each other, the iconic black natural rubber strap, the metamorphosis to become Hublot table perfect shape.

” revival and conquer “spirit throughout the Hublot’s marketing philosophy. Hublot is the first watch brand targeting football in a club like Manchester United official watches after the 2010 World Cup Hublot fame as an official World Cup history to watch, Big Bang in Maradona Carolina’s hands on the shine. In addition to football, Hublot is F1, America’s Cup, the world’s ski races, polo matches and other world-renowned partners. Hublot brand was established in 2010 to celebrate the 30th anniversary, launched the first fully self-produced movement – UNICO, the development speed in the watch industry can be said to be a miracle. Many royals are invariably right Hublot showed great enthusiasm. It is precisely because the King of Spain Juan – Carlos’ love, Hublot has “King’s watch” nickname. Diego Maradona last summer, that holding hands wearing two watches the same scene rallying cheers remember a lot of people, which is what Hublot.

” integration “is a self-let – Claude Beaver White Hublot established by the beginning of Mission: reign, released a new Hublot Guidelines – “fusion” here means not only the integration of special materials, such as gold and ceramic, titanium and rose gold fusion,bentley b06 replica, fusion or magnesium and titanium, as well as sports and traditional Swiss watchmaking and 21 century watch making fusion of visual art,watches, while retaining the original design Hublot timeless charm.

let – Claude Beaver is one of the few Swiss watch industry, few really leave your name in one of the characters. Audemars Piguet from the left, in 1982 he and his friend Jacques Piguet bought a suspension of business for many years Blancpain (Blancpain) brand, with “Blancpain since its inception from 1735 has not produced quartz watches, and will never produce quartz watch “brand philosophy, he soon let Blancpain made a new life, achieved a turnover of 50 million Swiss francs, has become a tradition of the most respected watch brands.

Hublot came less than a year later, let – Claude Beaver encountered new challenges, he was in April 2005 in Basel released the “Big Bang” chronograph watch series, the perfect interpretation of the fusion concept! Big Bang immediately a great success, compared with the previous year, the number of orders jumped threefold. Not nostalgia past glory, never stop, keep making progress, is the act on the principle of Mr. Beaver. Hublot believe will become the watchmaking industry has a brilliant magician hands of legend.

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