Watch by magnetic treatment

      mechanical watches, because there are a lot of steel material,, such as the size of the steel wheel, escapement wheel, gear shaft, bearing, screw and spring tongue, so, the watch is very easy to be magnetized. Mechanical watch once magnetization, the impact is the first error increases,Richard Mille Watches, serious will also cause the watch stopped. Quartz watch although no magnetization problem, but in the strong magnetic field may stop and go.

how to judge by magnetic watch:

      originally, wearing a watch, suddenly when the error becomes large, we must first determine whether the magnet. To judge whether the watch magnetic method is to use a more sensitive compass, the compass in a flat on the table, and then put the top watch close fast repeated over the compass, it also needs to watch the changes of several range, repeat, as long as the compass needle to move, that the table has been affected by magnetic.

watches by magnetic treatment:

      watch by the magnetic treatment is very simple, to get the customer service center or the armband teacher there, without opening the cover, the direct use of degaussing device for degaussing, 2 seconds to watch go back to normal. If you want to own hands degaussing, watch House summed up the online watch degaussing tips, for your reference.

1, find an under magnetic ring, the table in the ring, slowly to wear to wear, after a few minutes, the watch will demagnetization recovery.

2, the effective part of the electromagnetic oven is generally circular, the coil, if you don’t put the steel objects large enough, it can automatic protection does not start, we’d better find a steel cup (indicated by a red circle) filled with water, or other what steel container, don’t cover the electromagnetic furnace center, but enough to make electromagnetic furnace start-up. Then start the electromagnetic oven, preferably with maximum power, put the watch or tool to degaussing, from the stove far left close to the surface of the electromagnetic oven moved through the center of the electromagnetic oven, point out to the right away, so repeated several times, the attention to enter from one direction, can play the role of good eliminating magnetic.

PS: remember to move quickly,for sale, move across the surface of the time is about 2 seconds. More than a few seconds will rapidly heating

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