Mechanical table selection guide

      how to choose a good mechanical watch? The watch is a precision timing device, the price is higher, the use of time is long. Watch quality, the user is very concerned about. Therefore, people always refine on in the purchase of watches, a good selection for good. But how to choose a satisfactory quality of the watch? Usually, people only to listen to the machine table traveltime sound size, height to determine the quality of the watch, this is not scientific. Because the watch quality is good or bad, it is mainly to see the actual travel time accuracy. Table machine walking sound balance, clear and no noise, only that the table machine does not have a fault, and could not explain the watch quality and as the only way to choose a watch. It must come from the following several aspects:

, check the watch appearance parts  

      watch appearance from the shell, table mirror, dial and when the needle,Luxury watches, check. The case should not have trachoma and scratches, angular symmetry; rear cover and the upper shell screwed should closely; two equal distance of each ring and casing, mounting ears Huang hole should be in the watchcase foot tail position centered not partial, the depth of the hole is appropriate, the ring is not easy to fall off the table; table mirror should not defect and scratches, transparent and bright; the three pin is installed correctly, needle and the needle, table between mirror and dial due and proper security clearance; finish coatings dial and pointer is good,Rado Watches, no spots, lines or luminous dial dial complete; gap of about 0.1 0.3mm between the head and the watchcase.  

The sensitivity of  

two, check the watch;

      watch sensitivity refers to its balance automatic swing flexibility. Inspection method:  

    (1) will not have a have stopped watch gently shake, to observe the second move with the shaking force: if the second hand in a very short time stopped, then this watch clockwork on foot can all walk (i.e., a torque free) high sensitivity; if the second long time to walk, then this watch clockwork on foot can not finish (i.e. spring storage torque), the sensitivity is not high or table machine fault.

      (2) will never stop walking watch spring, slowly rotating head start on the second hand, observation: the rotation is less, the second starting earlier illustrate the sensitivity of the table is higher; otherwise,Discount watch, low sensitivity or table machine with other fault. But beware of fast oscillating watch the spring stiffness is bigger, than the traditional frequency (18000 times / h) table confidential more spring to swing. The high sensitivity of the watch, on the foot of a clockwork continuity after walking over a longer period of time.

three, check the watch pointer spacing and position


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