List why need regular maintenance

        we come up to speak from the watch structure why watches need regular maintenance. The sealing problem, watches.       most watches marked is waterproof,Hublot MP Limited Editions Complications Watch, such as 30M, 50M, 100M etc.. There is also a part of the state is not waterproof. Due to the structure, some water and some not waterproof, and it’s not waterproof watch is not a good table, on the market a lot of ten yuan of plastic sheet can be waterproof, can it be watch? In addition, it is noted as waterproof watches, but also means that the produced after inspection is waterproof, but can not guarantee that you do not care to use a lifetime of waterproof. For example, many customers bought the count table with table bath, occasionally one or two times feeling is not water, but after several times to find water, into the water is not timely treatment, inside a long time began to rust, go to the store to commodity quality is not good, want to return. On the other hand, any watches are not wearing to wash sauna and hot bath, because the pad and cold, hot air into the sealed bag, can not come out, cause the fog is not timely treatment, corrosion, rust,car2a80 tag heuer fake watches price, so watch watch will wear under normal conditions. In fact, watch waterproof mainly rely on several rubber ring is very small, for a long time the rubber ring will be aging, loss of elasticity after a gap, may lead to water, air, so the sealing rubber ring can guarantee the watch waterproof regular replacement. Two, mechanical problems.         watches are generally mechanical watches, mechanical watches are is by gear operation, we see the watch will mark many drill watch, the number of drilling is not to say that the watch how many diamonds, but that watch how many gear shaft is used in drilling, generally with artificial diamonds, the artificial diamond abrasion, so the table drilling more, watch relative travel time and long service life. But a watch gear may not use diamond such hard materials processing, it can only use steel materials as the axle, watch more small book, wheel more fine, every day tens of thousands of rotating speed on drilling trace oil to reduce wear inside, once the oil dry, wheel axle is dry abrasion, few years, this form of life is also to, although the watch table oil is very high, but the amount is too small, will be volatile end down a few years, a root like hair thin shaft can wear a long time? Table structure have not previously present complex, and do more big, the wheel is relatively coarse,watch4usale, so some customers say my table ten years without maintenance in go, now the table get smaller, the price several times more expensive than before, never have less regrets. Three, the appearance of maintenance.         watch the general appearance with gold, K platinum, senior animal leather. Although gold gold is the main raw material, but the hands of the sweat is acidic and corrosion of the air, over time it is far from new beautiful, which requires regular cleaning and polishing, the watch keeping fresh. If K platinum, time.

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