How to correctly wear watches

        how to wear a watch? Now, watch the people so much, not only because of wearing a watch makes people more temperament, is also a kind of accomplishment, a status symbol. The watch is the embodiment of men’s grade goods, watches with the correct can make men more attractive,Richard mille RM011 Watches, selection of watches is not only the brand of choice, but also with the color and shape and other aspects of their chosen by the watch. So, how to properly wear watches?         1, the right to wear watches and is related to our daily habits, such as wearing watches before work, after work off the watch on the watch box, will repeat every day that correctly wear watches.         2, quartz watch replaced the battery after not waterproof, travel time is not precisely: this view is wrong.         3, in formal occasions, wear watch, in other aspects should be dignified, conservative,Hublot Big Bang 45mm Watches, avoid the strange, new. Men, especially the sages, older people should pay more attention to the. Other novel, fancy watches, only for girls and children.         4, type tend to determine a person’s temperament,Hublot Aero Bang watches, so consider the body also is considering temperament. Shape tall and strong should choose a large dial watches, in the shape and style of rough kind, can even choose army offbeat phenotype such. While the body is relatively thin should choose a dial thinner smaller watches.

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