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        how to change the time zone table time for two or more to the time zone table, usually can be carried out by the crown and the time zone button adjustment. Pull the crown crown adjustment in different position can be adjusted to different time zones or timing pointer rotation in the window at


        time zone table time how to convert World Cup

for two or more to the time zone table, usually can be carried out by the crown and the time zone button adjustment. World Cup

crown to adjust

World Cup

out of the crown in different position can be adjusted in different time zone time zone dial timing pointer or rotation in the window. World Cup

          global life birth time zone table World Cup

people have been aware of the time of sunrise and sunset, different regions are not the same, such as Beijing’s midday 12 when, London is at 4 in the morning. When the distance is no longer a people problem, the problem of time highlights. In 1884, Washington International meridian conference, the world was divided into 24 time zones, countries from the world time. At the same time, the watchmaker, launched a fierce competition, trying to develop can display multiple time zone watch. World Cup

Judging from the current

, the time zone table can be divided into two watch and world time watch. The two time table is mostly have two hour dial, the clockwise adjustment to show another time zone; and the world table are only a clockwise, the dial is marked with the name of world famous city, only needs to rotate the dial to the city, the pointer is automatically adjusted to the local time. Along with the modern people’s rhythm of life speeds up, the time zone watch the convenience of the increasingly high demand, many brand developed with two hour world time zone watch, the function and the two world time watch time watch function combination, make the time zone watch more simple and easy to operate. World Cup

for the wearer, the time zone table represents a global way of life. So far, it is still the main buyers business success and social elite. The China mainland and Hongkong, the Taiwan area belongs to the East District eight, only to use this table. However, at present China’s time zone watch market is gradually on the rise, buyers are mainly the occupation manager and traveler. Industry insiders said, with the in-depth understanding of the watch, time zone table become another hot trend.

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