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Vital fakes: cheap goods bad money drives out agreeable money,2.16 million from the inadequate “Some folk mention you want never talk Ma values? I would mention,for we do not Well, I advert whether well, I do never chat nearly”fireworks amid March,namely the maximum beautiful season of the West Lake

fake Vital: cheap goods wrong money drives out good money,2.16 million from the inadequate

“Some folk mention that you ambition not speak Ma values? I would say,for we do well, I say if well, I do never chat about


fireworks within March,is the West’s maximum beauteous season.

yet informed sources mention,every March, Ma namely quite tense. Because CCTV 3.15 show”subsistence Money Weekly informed, scheduled this anniversary”3.15″celebration content Wei became an important catalyst for the class,merely subsequently Shuanghui chance a “substitute.”

high counterfeit watches wholesale Secret Ma Yundi servant curtain: how Ma’s ambitions,by the recent international anti-counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) report submitted to the United States, had specifically with Amoy Bora instance saying that “the site has accident the world’s fake suppliers and wholesalers nigh the gathering space where the converge on the piracy of calculator software, the world noted brand products and clothing,counterfeit patent pharmaceuticals afford platform. ”

This shows that the attendance aboard the platform Taobao forgery problem has attracted universal attention.

but the head of Alibaba Group Jack Ma have revise understanding. His April 28 the eighth anniversary of the open Taobao, said, “Developed countries China ‘fake prevalence’,but the United States, Japan, and not an adult countries and regions, per capita P three thousand dollars apt four thousand dollars, we have to also there have been times like the U.S. over Japan likewise China namely going amongst this thing. P five to six thousand dollars per capita, and naturally he ambition obtain better. can not advert that Japan and the United States over a duration of a fever, do never allow others apt fever. “

high counterfeit watches wholesale lesson Ma also acknowledged that “today is never Ali, well,for we do never agreeable enough, we yearn for good-looking we will work back merely also apt chat com
There are much brands
down among Taobao

across these counterfeit Taobao C2C, B2C apt”brand authentic mall security” as the sign of Taobao Mall, as well as B2B Alibaba

D early in Taobao perceive

Ordos cashmere sweater,aboriginal spend 2888 yuan in common namely to sell more than 200, the search and base a lot of shops selling this prototype so in the two stores were picked a agreeable cost two stores of the favorable rate have reached 90%.

not a few days, arrived. D Open the package apt see cashmere sweater with label with security telephone inquiries,yet onward not means feels cashmere. He ask security number,bottom the digit itself is a fake it namely a mobile phone number

on Taobao shops abound under the banner assign of Erdos, based aboard Taobao quest results show that there are 4000 shops selling associated goods 497 942″, the mean cost of 200 yuan.

which approximately 500,000 Erdos cashmere sweater how much is true? Money Weekly Erdos Cashmere Group headquarters by calling the sales division the relevant responsible person said, Erdos brand had never among Internet sales, online does not work below the proxy channel either direct sales, so the only addition apt Taobao Mall flagship store, the vacation are fake Or by least namely imperfect

Taobao Mall, the financial weekly newspaper reporter quest base that among addition apt the Ordos flagship store, there are still several additional apparel specialty stores amid Erdos cashmere sweater bargain such as “Honest Jazz clothing store franchise,” “have sent clothing store franchise.” and so on Prices are quite low

“how could two or three hundred money afterward mean cost of our products surrounded 1500, the common cashmere sweater, the internal spend we have to 500 alternatively so,but there namely not label,every significant only when engaging in activities obtain them. “

Erdos Group insider told financial newspaper newspaper reporter, a steady stream of complaints from the network, so Taobao Mall opened a flagship store among the image,apt track”But you can discern the results, we also put oppression on Taobao,merely Weili.”

financial weekly newspaper reporter also pedestal that these stores sell forgery cashmere sweater had been pushed Taobao recommended position.

Erdos namely never the craziest fake brands. Global brand clothing, cosmetics and 3C products and selling counterfeit degree is the highest serious To this kill we have done a lot of investigation, and 50 kinds of global brand fake data presented among tabular form amid the post, it is extremely alarming string of data.

we can see that these fakes across Taobao C2C, B2C to”brand authentic mall security” as the sign of Taobao Mall, and Alibaba B2B, ie, a diversity of forgery basically captured the plenary Alibaba systems.

For instance a lot has actually discontinued product sold aboard Taobao, Taobao immediately there are still more than an,Replica Cartier Montres Pasha de Cartier Joaillerie & Haute Joaillerie WJ11891G 32 Watch,000 pieces of Arden VC whitening capsules for bargain this namely a prevailing whitening products,merely among fact since 2005 Arden production that has been discontinued.

addition Taobao can never sell cigarettes. But amid truth counterfeit smoke sales aboard Taobao very colossal China, the Yellow Crane Tower and other brand everything, they are a cigarette smoke cases, etc. vest wanton.

Taobao how many fakes? And the resulting diversity of? Maybe Taobao had no fantasy The following namely a newspaper financial information obtained through interviews and collate information:

Dangdang Li Guoqing, CEO has said that the aboriginal counterfeit Taobao highest proportion reached 70 percent,is also at least 30 per penny On the proportion of 30%, we interviewed always of the buyers, sellers and industry professionals,no an considered excessive Fang Nair underwear CEOs Yang Yonghua that Taobao overall proportion of fakes,Urwerk UR-CC1 watches, there are still 50% -60%.

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