praised the Kunlun desk (CORUM) attainment and status of brand diplomat Didier Cuche,watch4usale, the Swiss independent watchmaking brand Kunlun desk specially introduced Admiral ‘s Cup 44 Chrono Centro Didier Cuche Admiral’s Cup 44 Didier Cuche medial Chronograph Limited Edition watch Didier Cuche dazzling rays of light, has injected current vitality to the Kunlun desk timer function! Kunlun desk and its brand ambassador Didier Cuche accede without prior without previous consultation,,both also have focus mood accuracy rules stable trait meanwhile the current Admiral’s Cup 44 Didier Cuche medial Chronograph limited edition discern is the composition of their common look precision absolute can be acclimate ski close to the velocity of one percent seconds countdown,, show Kunlun desk amazing watchmaking technology, and shows the Didier Cuche surrounded the ski industry brilliant achievements.

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