Fiyta (000026200026) data

equity: 249000000 shares of the company’s main business for harmony globe watch Fiyta sale,product management and technology Fiyta Fiyta building buildings and attribute management Including Frederick Lianda and Hengili, stores, national Hagy

Equity: 249000000 shares of Replica watches

company’s main happening is”亨吉利”account of the world’s advertisement chain sales, Fiyta desk of product management and technology Fiyta Fiyta building buildings and attribute management Replica watches

includes Frederick Lianda and Hengili, the Hengili 80-90 store store The boss is Xinyu Hendry,surplus than 200 stores. Replica watches

corporation owned attribute including Fiyta Shenzhen, Fiyta technology building and Xi’an Wangz Hotel building. The Fiyta science and technology building,Richard mille RM011 Watches, building district of 88000 square meters, building region of 1.96 Vanpinmi Fiyta. Replica watches

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watches the mall ambition usher in ten years of happening Replica watches

from the pan financial special station Author: Pan Da Replica watches

along apt public reports quoted data, the maximum point among China on a round watch market appeared among 1986,all can be corroborated forward the phenomena and data exhibit,timer needs Chinese suppression of 20 years namely beginning to break out it could average China watches the market ushered surrounded a present circular of ten apt twenty annual wheel Watch industry,favor the film industry, are long wheel industry for surplus than 20 years; from the whole town turns out to The current film listing before the reform and opening, 90 period national lair along family watching pirated VCD membrane among a deserted house. Now,to the people apt enter the movie theater and the birth of Huayi Brothers,BRM G45-T G45-T-AG watch, this kind of lofty mall merit of the company the Chinese film industry out of a complete wheel Pan mammoth think, watch industry situation may be similar apt the fashionable low watch retention rate,aspiration become one required reason as the Related Companies’s hereafter performance rupture To begin the consumption claim is not common will be carrying characteristic China’s lofty income residents purchase skill of small optional consumer merchandise has swiftly reached 18000 yuan,bell and ross ww1 replica, the cost threshold equitable breakthrough entry-level watch, watch consumption likely ambition chance a present circular of consumer upgrades the carrier

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