A fine collection of watches appreciation of investment two affordable

        watch sales annual increase of two to three, a rare name auction prices hit record highs this newspaper correspondents Xu Liumei watch is the body of the punchline. A watch is small, have already gone beyond the original function of timing, on the wrist to convey the unique character and value

watches sales annual increase of two to three,Time Force Cristiano Ronaldo watches, a rare name auction record high prices for Replica watches

newspaper in journalist Xu Liumei Replica watches

watch is the body of the punchline. A watch is small, have already gone beyond the original function of timing, on the wrist to convey personality and unique value, become a symbol of identity, status, taste. In the global stock market today, it also has the function of investment. Reporters learned that, watch the investment market has bigger…… Replica watches

collection of watches: appreciation of investment two affordable, watch the auction price record high

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will be held in October 7th Sotheby’s autumn 2008 luxury watch auction will launch the precious value of HK $55000000 watches. "Sotheby’s auction of watches every year hit a new high," Asia director PEONYKIU the company recently said in an interview with reporters, "in recent years, Sotheby’s watch sales growing by 20%-30% a year."

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previously, Sotheby’s held in New York, the watch auction had a record. May 20th at auction, a super large Patek Philippe Chronograph was fetched $2300000 price auction, become the most expensive watches. So optimistic about the market that the market for watches pursuit in the growing.

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and Sotheby’s eponymous Christie’s Auction Co. Ltd. began to watch in 1997, when the annual total auction turnover of HK $10000000. The company’s vice president, watch assistant Zou Xianqun told reporters, this year’s spring auction,Replica Dior – Dior VIII Baguette 33 mm Automatic CD1235F4C001 Women watch, the company watch auction turnover has risen to more than 90000000 yuan, is about 9 times that of ten years ago, the growth rate is amazing. This corresponds to watch the investment rate of return is equally exciting. Christie’s Patek Philippe in May this year show 2499 of the original valuation of about 6300000 to 9500000 Hong Kong dollars,hublot arturo fuente replica, it was to more than 1040 Hong Kong dollar transactions, valued at nearly 1 times higher, the rate of return of nearly 100%. Replica watches

no wonder when the global stock market volatility, more and more people to watch collection team. "Currently involved in investment is the main European > Watch

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