Hublot Big Bang 38mm Watches Ron pool (A.LANGE) Tourbillon mechanical penetrate craft treasures

Ron reservoir (A.LANGE) Super Tourbillon mechanical see craft treasures [Material] high elegant stainless iron circumstance,button Italian calf leather strap [Surface] Sapphire crystal smooth glass Mohs Hardness nine (diamond ten) never worn! 【Logo】 Case / Strap /

Long Pool (A.LANGE) super craft treasures Tourbillon mechanical watch

[Size] Diameter 4.0CM thickness 1.0CM
【Movement】 Swiss Super Tourbillon hand diagonal mechanical operation
【Functions】 chronograph,almanac week, waterproof, shockproof.
【Materials】 stainless iron lofty aesthetic circumstance,button Italian calf leather belt
[Surface] smooth sapphire crystal cup Mohs hardness of nine (diamond 10) never worn!
[flag] Case / Strap / button are A.LANGE flag
[Features] Super Spiral Tourbillon,peregrination period more exact see into the distinctive chart of the base cover tin work
[color behavior 】 flour black-faced black-faced black-eyed silver eye
[Note] apt send high-level boxes, Hong Kong Swiss see invoice exquisite award

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