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Every weekday newspaper reporter Hezhuo 9:30, Li ambition be duration in the buy site “Now team in the bureau His work arrangements based aboard the completion of every 15 min considering ought contact Which news do what advocacy programs. Usually by night

newspaper reporter Hezhuo

each weekday 9:30, Li aspiration be period in the buy site “Now group in the office His work arrangements based aboard the completion of every quarter considering ought contact Which news do what advocacy programs. General work along 19:00,rarely work overtime – among peers, Li’s work status associative ease.

high imitation watches spend thousands of mission battle”: online buy get splice apt test the water, in 2009, after graduating from Li profession,but his 1st job is not the best choice as much current employees as Li Also looking for a “prospect” better jobs and his friend recommended online buy this emerging industry: fast pace of development, there are a lot of vacant spots”to mining, development latent A few months behind he was officially become practitioners buy online.

tall imitation watches spend Li promising, in the past anniversary online buy scratch and quickly fermentation.

last January, online buy site “sold-out network”on the line, in, Shanghai, Qingdao and other cities opened three sub-station. March, he founded the educate network the domestic network network Wang rice has founded the net, followed by “Hundred Regiments”pluck the curtain May,venture chief began to pour into online buy. A consortium Ah team obtained 110 million yuan investment in Shanxi,made in swiss watches, a sensation. June, rice net buy 43 yuan coupon gaming metropolis the number of participating buy 13333 folk the beginning day purchaser full,cry the play Chengguan sheets. September, led by the Ma launched Taobao affix amount buy Mercedes-Benz Smart Car, activity aboard the line after only three hours 28 minutes, 205 Smart were sold out.

If the 1st half of last anniversary constantly shocking online buy based aboard the development of a diversity of messages,afterward as the industry apt emerging issues in the second half of the manufacture has begun to buy online conscious array of actions.

10 months,for the purchase manufacture unspoken rules “do not consume non-refundable”team Po web as consumer products consumers buy the full implementation of barrier-free refund December, Gametea net public recall a high-end products and high Wacoal lingerie models 123 counterfeit goods. That same month, complaints buy buy nets set up district and launched a buy union as coupler shield dishonest buy website.

buy,ambition know alternatively do never know apt league consumers, and businesses to multiplication the bargaining power apt procure the best cost Motivated by the e-commerce, online buy showed great explosiveness. According to research firm Analysys International released the latest statistics, from March 2010 to March 2011, the numeral of buy site reached 3265,everyday growth rate of about 10.

“a long access to buy, buy through the Internet apt realize due apt the time and district separation produced a lot of current features.” vice chancellor of economics by the University Zhang Zheng interview with reporters, said that competition makes advertisement main consumption are increasingly no consumers can never resist the king of consumer rights. The access apt buy online tin unite consumers, which is a powerless position apt amend consumers one efficacious access

SAN CEO plum? analysts mention that China’s new Internet investment peppery Once lofty return investment opportunities, there will be much practitioners,capital One of the characteristics buy online fast development, which shows China’s Internet happening model to be applied in fast; consumer approval of the Internet this new industry is constantly accelerating pace, which apparent China’s Internet mall latent continues join in consumption patterns in emerging Internet-based aspiration generate a new format.

face of “thousands of mission battle in 2011 there ambition be a “buy online drag namely the industry consensus. Some people are disinclined to buy the site responsible as the interview, do not absence to be pushed to the news, “the stage”; some buy site advertising overwhelming, and constantly create topics cause consumers, businesses, investors’ attention. From the inside, and who tin share this glass of soup?

plum? believes that shuffle is the inevitable result of the development of the manufacture One reason as the proliferation of online team buying sites are inexpensive barriers apt entrance Now,tremendous sites for past problems constantly introduce current services, and these services naturally amend manufacture path conditions. For instance some sites put forward “a refund in seven days,” “do not consume or return,A Lange & Sohne watches,” these services oblige strong fiscal and operational management maturity as advocate

ultimate champion ambition be those “massive” online team buying site? Plum? Do never reckon so, China’s mall latent is too huge tin never as some folk expected, the market namely divided up more than a dozen online buy website. First, buy net site is showing market trends refinement For example a site only buy cosmetics or babe supplies. Secondly,less investment,merely with regional advantages of online team buying website namely also a great occurrence of winning. Third, a strong online channels buy site also has its own advantages. For instance the watch manufacture for decades practitioners, the palm of the purchase channels from Europe and America, they have the conditions as success.

In addition,many large-scale buy site in the “integration” of smaller,yet especial,adult operators buy site, rather than trying apt redouble a strange market so apt scale up some of the large-scale buy site scale processes.
conduct of this,Michele watches?

“In theory, online team buying business prototype is feasible in our country plum? said. First, China’s e-commerce spending has been relatively mature much netizens have good-looking consumer experience; Second, China’s big market claim for services, there are much servant traditional e-commerce affair prototype is You can say that again creature covered. Third, from past experience, China’s consumer consumption patterns of Internet Hing strong curiosity, a pattern to be swept overnight. In train the operation of the programme buy site a lot,market advertising, “staking”, the spend competition,to attract investment,” …… What namely the conduct of the buy online?

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