fashion Enicar DiamondMax level aesthetic advertising spokesperson Yang Mi Prague premiere [Figure] _ watch

brand theme this year is “beyond time. Extraordinary achievements “as the advertising concept; traveled with Enicar same history, Prague is the eye-catching filming. Prague has various historical periods, various styles of architecture, from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, Art Nouveau to Cubism and ultra-modernism, etc., brand choice in this Shooting is to put Yang Mi fashion elegance which melt into historical ambiance with Enicar watch with fashion style excellent quality but with out a thorough and varied.

Yang Mi Prague aesthetic ad

watch represents time, meaning the eternal symbol of the encyclical is definitely the best token of love, such as flowing in the wrist among the vows of love. In this series’ Enicar romance “large advertising by DiamondMax grade spokesperson Yang Mi happy interpretations! Aesthetic of this series just like a romantic cinematic advertising, people drunk deep industry sweet love in the romantic dreams. Advertising beautiful bright colors, as the “British Nag romance” to provide the most poetic movement, people with great accuracy.

romance behind

June Prague romantic and charming, although the positive spring, but still let the vagaries of the climate and the crew is not a headache. In addition to the city for a limited time at multiple locations with different style shooting, but also to challenge Mostly Cloudy, when hot and cold weather, so the shooting schedule caught plight. But Yang Mi fearless twenty degrees temperature difference, and dozens of hours of work, still in front of the camera professionally put different poses, shoot a series of touching another series just like painting-like image, so crew morale Zhen Fen expensive. Thanks to the professional attitude and Yang Mi elegant face, and finally completed this series of ads large, deduced “Enicar romance.”

Yang Mi Prague aesthetic ad

this series of ads, Enicar heavily invited the Hong Yang Mi renowned stylist to create a new adorable, romantic noble image. When Yang Mi wear designed by the famous designer evening after a variety of fashion, that incarnation of the princess dream castle, show her as noble lady. Attract large numbers in several backlot Note tourists of different nationalities foot onlookers, many tourists forget the purpose of travel, can not help but stop in the next shot her beautiful figure, Yang Mi charm the beauty of Prague also par.

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