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Chinese Name: Bol

Name : BALL Watch

Created: 1879

Founder: Webster Clay Boer

train and watch-making seems to be two unrelated things merely surrounded 1891 a full day of doom yet they are tightly intertwined. That information Ohio two trains collided tragically namely among the April 19 disaster leading apt two train drivers were all die there are additional nine folk were killed in the crash . This incident namely extra reminder namely modern accuracy watchmaking industry amid the birth of a excellent nominate

surrounded namely afterward the chance from Ohio Mr. Cliff Boer railroad enterprise for Attorney General , That become led to the fact downright cozy next research showed that: timing errors due apt clock failure . Where a train engineer ‘s see stopped as four minutes but he did not know still continue apt migrate onward still thinking almost again seven minutes apt the station, and to the driveway where you can give another a train,merely surrounded truth he was merely three minutes away from decease

Railway Executive Cleveland (Trainmaster Cleveland Express) Series

array to deter similar incidents from affair again the railway authorities amid the various duties , Mr. Boer , a main task entrusted apt him is to monitor and disc the railway period

penetrate manufacturers always railroad staff instantly began apt dress the look checked each additional week afterward reviewing forever inspection work according the look contractor apt complete. Mr Pol stiff standards established as this purpose prohibited the use of misdeed of accessory than 30 seconds meantime the weigh
Mr. Boer
is standard system ensures accurate timekeeping and consensus merely likewise to construct a railroad phase and railroad watches because accurate timing standards, this web ambition eventually cover 75 percent of the American railway Mr. Boer achievements praised by the international community not only because of his contribution as one ordinary inhabitant merely also because he acts within the temperament of watchmaking history .

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