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Zodiac as one of the important traditional civilization plus valued along the folk the recent things virtually Zodiac namely likewise more and more surrounded addition to Jackie Chan movies, as well as Lee Hom songs. Of course we watch the sector Zodiac Series watch is very important, many alien brands ambition blaze some of the year’s zodiac watch,while China’s noted watch manufacturer Beijing Watch Factory Limited has launched a set of Zodiac Series watch. This set can be said is that every Zodiac watches are just fine,amend captured an of a “life Chaumat” This year is the Year of the Snake did never get the “Zodiac Snake”namely really have some remorse but”life Chaumat” watch is the same beauteous,African enamel dial dial a career galloping horses can indicate everything goes smoothly. “instant success.”

Beijing Watch Factory production of the Zodiac enamel golden eagle watches,each finite edition Zodiac as a set of thirty six sets,amid addition apt the turntable aboard the golden eagle zodiac alter patterns, using All operation is Swiss A10 movement the watch diameter of 40 mm plus a thickness of eleven mm, case plus hands made of 18K rose gold,black crocodile leather strap sapphire crystal behind amongst the bottom of the table water resistance of 30 meters waterproof.

18K rose gold case amid the light irradiation exudes beauty gold, this watch’s sapphire crystal glass desk at the annihilate behind amongst the diagram,amongst the bottom of the table can be apparently apt perceive the functioning of the action this watch namely 30 meters waterproof capability that can cope with normal daily dress

this watch provides only acclimate meantime sub-indicator, exterior chart with onion crown this cap is amid some high-end watches alternatively Pearl Women watch the more common, this cute crown seemed more rounded fashion,merely likewise the common classic form cap

We all understand the composition of 18K rose gold namely 75% gold plus 25% of the alloy composition, the hardness is characterized along stronger than gold plus bright colors more acceptable from the the figure we can admire the obvious qualities rose gold up. Exudes a charming light of the lugs plus African alligator belt is a perfect combination.

Black represents deep stable, this watch namely with a black alligator leather belt lined with beige using more dirt and carved crocodile vi plus Beijing watches plant identification.

our samples taken iron watch with a silver pin buckle, the watch longing be officially sold with 18K gold pin buckle Material . Black alligator table surface using a colossal plaid cotton ginning,cozy and extremely capable. Black silk hand-sewn, ensuring each elaborate perfectly.

bottom of the desk with sapphire crystal glass behind amongst the diagram,amongst the bottom of the desk you can evidently discern the functioning of the behavior this watch is 30 meters waterproof capability, you can cope with normal daily life dress While many folk may for A10 Swiss automatic mechanical action is not quite understanding, A10 action produced within Switzerland Soprod deed factory, Soprod behavior factory had earlier provided ETA action and a secondary modification custom affair it is said of a Hong Kong Group owns a huge stake Soprod movement factory, the group also owns shares among Tianjin Seagull watch factory. We return apt the heading of the action Soprod operation factory slogan is”We only use the best materials” While this action which we can discern that the quality namely still very secure worthy rival of ETA One of the additional Boer has likewise been adapt Soprod produce behavior so that the quality of the movement While we do not doubt

Summary: Finally,conversation about the dial aboard the golden eagle enamel,African enamel turntable carved a mettlesome horse, horse pattern with very high-end hand-carved deep relief process, made of 18K gold. Health Chaumat looks lifelike full of stamina plus among the twelve o’clock position also carved with Oracle, “horse”, which highlights the mysterious Chinese civilization background. Currently this watch is priced at 228,000 yuan domestic as well as additional attributes Zodiac watches apt choose from,if you favor this watch you can contact your regional seller
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