Tudor Hydro 1200 watches Amy kiteboards brave invincible sponsorship activities across the Strait of Magellan _ [Figure] _ wa

From Zurich Seefeld district ,Tudor Hydro 1200 watches

love for kite surfing Geza Scholtz and André Scholtz this dentist brothers, the strong winds, cold temperatures and continued low visibility definitely created a difficult situation. January 7, 2013 this day, they realized his great dream: Kite surfers draped across the Strait of Magellan. “We congratulate the expedition, they proved once again that we should adhere to the dream can come true. Despite difficult environment, concord c1 replica, but the team overcame a timely manner all the challenges.” Sponsor of the event, replica tudor heritage, general manager Marc Gläser table representation.

2013 年 2 20 March, two kite surfers Zurich dentist draped up to 560 kilometers across the Strait of Magellan, and in extreme weather under a world record, and kite surfing to a whole new level.

Strait of Magellan is located in the southernmost tip of South America and Tierra del Fuego (Tierra del Fuego) between the name is derived from the Portuguese navigator Magellan (Ferdinand Magellan). Magellan in his voyage around the Earth, in 1520 the first Air Vietnam Strait. After the opening of the Panama Canal in 1914, only the canal impassable large transport vessels will use the Strait of Magellan. This strait has a cold sea water, whistling winds and low visibility, it is considered the most difficult and one of the most dangerous routes. The trip across the entire team needs to concentrate. “Maurice Lacroix Magellan expedition” is not only to create a sports endurance record, but will go down. “We have reached the limits of self and insisted in the end. Achieve goals feeling really indescribable.” Maurice Lacroix Swiss expedition to the Strait of Magellan kite surfer Geza Scholtz representation.

Maurice Lacroix sponsor this adventure’s slogan is “Your time is now! right now”

expedition process

“Maurice Lacroix Strait of Magellan expedition” requires not only a world record athletic performance, but also a trip a few weeks after the discovery adventure and new experiences. If you want to understand the process and the interesting background information, go to the facebook.com / mauricelacroixwatches.

Your time is now! Maurice Lacroix kite surfing across the Strait of Magellan initiative.

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