Movado DURA watches Concentric flying Cathay Pacific and shared Breitling Jets flying fun [Figure] _ watch _ fashion wat

Jets captain Jacques Bote Lin (Jacques Bothelin) said: “We are currently touring Asia, within the scope of,Movado DURA watches, as at present has arrived, including China, the Philippines,Richard Mille RM 004 watches, Indonesia,Audemars Piguet Contemporaine Collection Watches, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. flight performance in several countries, this time to come to Hong Kong Cathay Pacific headquarters and met with flying colleagues, for us is a very rare opportunity to exchange ideas, although slightly different in our daily work, but we all have on the fly the same enthusiasm and motivation. “

Breitling Jets on fighter jets flying in formation has long been adept at close range. Flying at a speed of up to 800 kilometers, still can freely walk through the elegant air; flight distance less than three meters, “personal” compact precision formation. Without fear of gravity-defying flight team members, in Cathay Pacific City is experiencing a new challenge: Driving equipped with the latest technology, 747-8 fully dynamic simulation of aircraft.

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 fleet Switchboard long Gus Larard under the guidance of five Breitling Jets turn control simulated aircraft pilots were selected based in Hong Kong, Paris, New York’s Kennedy Airport and Macau as the destination of the flight line , a test flight they control air giant feat.

Gus Larard commander Breitling Jets performance much praise: “I just need to be given very little guidance, Breitling Jets pilots can be clearly aware of the need to pay attention to details and 747-8 simulated aircraft characteristics. If I was a passenger flight 747 tour, I believe they will certainly make me safe landing, gave me a wonderful journey! “

nicknamed “Dege” (Douky) Breitling Jets on the 3rd pilots Christoph 德科特勒赫 (Christophe Deketelaere) simulated aircraft experience deep feelings: “This is a realistic driving experience flight training equipment. HD screen, the cabin atmosphere, engine noise, and even flight movements are incredibly realistic. 747 quite a lot of weight, about than the L-39C jets heavy hundredfold. Nevertheless, its response is still very sharp, driving principle is similar with the Jets, which is an absolutely unforgettable experience. “

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