CARTIER カルティエ時計 Comment Girard Perregaux watches Men’s 1966 Series astronomical difference

GP Mens Watch Girard Perregaux Girard Perregaux 1966 array contains the innovative morale plus kernel together top watchmaking technology, demonstrate excellence Perregaux watches unique style; in 2012 SIHH Watch Fair in Geneva, Girard Perregaux Girard Perregaux watch factory launched array of present man table 1966 Astronomical Almanac postpone watch, this watch namely either calendar plus astronomical difference two complicated functions, it tin be said is the top timepiece features a alignment of manner and elegance demonstration masterpiece,please enjoy this partition splice with Xiaobian today number :49538-52-231-BK6A’s new watch.

Following Chengzhi Bo
This watch man watch 1966 array of innovative functional layout, ruthenium dial rays amongst frosted texture modification, bar hour markers,CARTIER カルティエ時計, leaves shaped pointer plus the overall layout of the feature exhibit novel feature displays the period plus clearer.

thickness of 10.72 mm, diameter 40 mm rose gold circumstance by the Girard Perregaux finely crafted, refined lines,easy comfortable apt clothe tight Just when you accommodate the almanac forward alternatively backward rotation of the cap tin be, the case side without convergence adjustment buttons, graceful arc lines of the shell by one work the table shows the level of plant technology and innovation.

circumference turntable by 3 o’clock displays the appointment the almanac powered by the watch movement control system, this almanac system tin accurately display always months among a year and dates,yet requires non-leap anniversary February 28, once adjusted, without anyone primer adjustment other dates.

turntable 4:30 situation difference astronomical timer display can indicate the phase civilian time plus true solar duration (real Solar phase among the breach but Since this watch does never have the sunrise,sundown period exhibit it namely not necessary according apt the client area longitude plus latitude to chart manufacture

watch astronomical perception points difference: emulate the elliptical orbit of the Earth revolves approximately the Sun, the Earth rotates once each time and tin never complete 24 hours duration, which is Astronomical time feud To show the breach among them,require sophisticated rings anniversary disc) plus oval-shaped cam (elliptical cam) plus other cooperation between the Earth to show a year caused according spurt tarry

turntable seven o’clock annular district displays the month,CHRISTIAN-DIOR クリスチャンディオール 時計,African and white English degenerate month January rose gold triangle with the instructions,RICHARD MILLE リシャールミル時計, so that users can quickly read month;

turntable at nine o’clock Small seconds dial detail beautifully designed and configured six elegant Arabic numerals, of which 60 seconds locations apparent in red the second hand reading be more conspicuous;

perspicuous circumstance behind down, in accordance with orthodox techniques apt accommodate the manoeuvre and the pendulum Tuo do is immediate, parts of the plane with fish-scale pattern, frosted-ray pattern or Geneva stripes to decorate, parts plus flat edges chamfered and polished screw heads treatment process namely very delicate.

watch careful parameters,amuse click: Girard Perregaux Girard Perregaux GP 1966 Series 49538-52-231-BK6A watch

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