BRM CT-48 Watches Female form began to expand market demand [Figure] _ watch _ _ taste of luxury fashion watch _ Pacif

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Q: Do you think male and female form and proportion of the development trend of what it will be about ?

A: According to market research point of view , are generally more high-end brands, male table greater the proportion of the total product , most high-end can go to 9:1 . As women increasingly high demand watches ,Graham London RBS 6 Nations watches, female form also began development of a more diversified ,581.CM.1110.RX CLASSIC FUSION 33 mm All Black, from small to large dial dial . But most women do not too much emphasis on function , although the proportion will increase slowly , but still limited.

Q: Borel watch areas for Miss Yu no particular development strategy ? Or a special series launched ?

A: For Borel , our proportion of the female form is the highest, 45% has gone to the female form , 50% of the male form . Like the romantic journeys series of new activities and Royal Society are both new women watch . Next year we will launch specifically for women to create automatic watches.

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