www.luxedemontres.com Swiss look exports to the Mainland plus Hong Kong continued apt trickle Figure _ _ look fashion watc

Switzerland apt Hong Kong in May of this yearly exports decreased onward 16% compared apt last yearly Analysts deem that Hong Kong namely the largest export destination for Swiss watches luxury watches maximum consumers are tourists from mainland China along China’s fashionable servant location the Chinese mainland consumers to diminish purchases. In accompanying Swiss discern exports apt Mainland China decreased by 19% export volume ranked among the United States and Italy ,www.luxedemontres.com, ranking No.4

Swiss penetrate namely China ‘s maximum abounding luxuries favor apt buy an Over the past decade with China’s rapid economy growth and the climb of the medium class ,luxedemontres, China has chance the fastest growing mall Swiss watches . In 2002,Bell & Ross Collection Instrument BR 01, the Chinese mainland ‘s perfect imports Swiss watches barely 94.two million Swiss francs. By 2012 that graph jumped apt 1.65 billion Swiss francs meanwhile the Chinese mainland was once the world’s third largest Swiss watch buyers.

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